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One episode includes an industry trip and the designers shadow postal workers for the day. The postal service staff is all good sports, that they patiently show designers Jay, Kara Saun, Wendy, Austin, and Robert how to produce the mailing. The challenge for the designers is to develop a practical update to the postal service uniform, using a postal service worker and helps to judge the end results. A favorite from the models, plus much within the viewing audience, attractive Robert is sent home after making a tight impossible top to accompany baggy pants that zip off to become shorts - hardly in line with design and style of the postal work michael kors outlet online . Andie and Jenna - This is really a mother/daughter team from Atlanta. Mom, Andie DeKroon, is 43 years old and can be a Stay-At-Home Mom of 10 children. Daughter, Jenna Sykes, is 21 years of age and is already an Individual. Andie and Jenna may be challenged by the fact that they just recently met. These using Incredible Race to commence know each other.

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